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Vontaze Burfict

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

Vontaze Burfict is far from perfect.

In fact, if there is one man that should have his ass kicked out of the NFL it is him. He is a menace. He is a headhunter. He has zero regard for the well being of anyone on the field. He goes for the head. He goes for the knees. Anything to deliberately injure an opponent. He's been suspended multiple times and still doesn't learn.

On Sunday, for the second time in his career, Vontaze delivered a forearm to the head of Pittsburgh's Antonio Brown, knocking him out of the game. Then the following play he pointed at another receiver yelling you are next. There are those that believe the NFL has gone soft on its stance on violence. Meanwhile, the leagues biggest predator is still roaming free. Explain that one?

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