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Odell Beckham Jr.

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

If there was ever a team that wanted to wake up from a bad dream, it’s the New York Giants. Instead of making some obvious choices after last year they decided to remain status quo for the most part and didn’t start a proper rebuild.

The most glaring mistake they made was handing the keys of the kingdom over to the receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Is he talented? Yes. Is it worth having him in the locker room with all of his distractions and his "me first" attitude? Not a chance. This week owner John Mara came out and said: “its time to start playing more and stop talking less.” Thank you Captain Obvious. All this after his bizarre ESPN interview where he threw Eli Manning under the bus and then basically everyone else except himself. It was an absolutely idiotic interview made even more bizarre with Lil Wayne sitting beside him. Like a ventriloquist dummy waiting to leap into action. Seriously, it was one of those "WTF am I watching?" moments. They fined Beckham, but it didn’t stop his bizarre behavior. He was on the sidelines beating up on a helpless air conditioning unit. They fined him, now they have to get rid of him. But what team would chance ruining their locker room for a player with major character flaws? They have made their mess. Now they have to clean it up. Draft a new quarterback. Trade Beckham for some draft choices. Start the rebuild. Hopefully, this ends the nightmare in New York.

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